Downgrade Asus Lollipop to Kitkat

Downgrade asus lollipop to kitkat Zenfone 5 , For A500CG ONLY !!!

Download Recovery.img and Fastboot.img of the desired frimware version

  • For Lollipop TW Version :

  • For Lolllipop WW Version :

Download Full Firmwares of the desired frimware version Firmware:

  • For WW Version :

  • For TW Version :

1. Install ADB Fastboot and USB Driver Tool Asus Zenfone
2. Extract The adb inside any folder [I Suggest You To Create A New Folder And Place It In There]
3. Copy file recovery.img and fastboot.img file to Adb folder (inside the adb folder)
4. Extract the zip frimware file to the adb folder. Activate the usb debug > settings > about > software info > tap on thge build number until the popup show that indicate u re aleadry a dev ” back to setting again now u will find developer options , click on it > switch it on there is a slider on top of the window > scroll down and u will find usb debug > check the box > popup showed click ok. Connect the phone to pc > the rsa thing will pop up check the always allow and press allow on your phone screen tick always allow if the computer is yours.
5. Open adb folder, Shift + right click > Open Command pomport Here (click on it)
6. On the adb cmd type adb reboot bootloader
7. After u enter the fastboot/droid boot type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img [than press enter in your keyboard to excecute command]
8. Type fastboot flash fastboot fastboot.img [than press enter in your keyboard to excecute command]
 9. After the recovery flash complete go to recovery menu and select on it [navigate using vol up and down , select using power butt] [phone will reboot and enter recovery] after u enter recovery navigate and select [navigate using vol up and down select using power buttons] update from adb And type on adb cmd adb sideload [Example : adb sideload] 
10. Wait the for the process to complete the phone will auto reboot if not navigate to reboot and seclect it[navigate using vol up and down , select using power butt] 
11. The Boot Process Will Be Little Longer After This Process Please Be Patient

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