How to Select a Twin Bunk Bed With a Slide

The twin bunk bed with slide is one of the most popular bunk beds ever made. With it’s many upgrades, it still remains a very strong bed that can easily support the weight of two adults. Here are some of the pros and cons of the twin bunk bed with slide compared to the more traditional twin over full bunk bed with the slide.

twin bunk bed

The Slide One of the more popular twin bunk beds with slides is the Jolly – medium high twin bunk bed with slide. It is based off of best selling twin bunk bed with slide called the GetIt. The GetIt is an innovative new concept that offers an adult twin an alternative to using the bottom of the bed as a headboard. Instead of having the top bunk entirely taken off, the slide can be found integrated into the lower portion of the bed frame, allowing the twin to access both sides of the bed without removing anything. This dual use feature makes the slide ideal for those who want to have room for their clothing in the bottom of the bed.

The Low Loft – Full Over twin bunk bed with slide The low loft is another popular type of twin bed with slide. It can also be found with low loft options that allow for either no low ceiling or a low ceiling that is only slightly high as well. These types of options are best used for children or older siblings who will be using the bed a lot. They can be a great option for a child’s room because it does not take up as much floor space as the traditional full over model.

The Traditional Full Over twin over full bunk bed With it’s unique sliding design, the traditional full over twin bed with slide gives the twin a full view of the mattress from either the front or back of the bed. Because of its raised center section, the twin can still access the other two sides of the bed even if they do have a full length twin sized bed. Because of this design the traditional full over twin bed with slide allows for a more roomier bottom area. This is perfect for those who have a few children sharing the room. These types of beds are also available in different colors and designs.

The Bunk Bed With Slide: The third, and most popular type of twin bed with slide is the bunk bed with slide. Unlike the traditional full over twin style, the bunk beds with slide can be a combination of two different models. The first option can be a twin over full bunk bed where the top bunk is sliding. This type of bed can be found with either wood or metal rails to accompany the slide. There is also an option with a twin over full with a slide that only has a lower rail.

All of these styles of twin bunk bed with slide have different variations. A couple of the options that can be found include wood or metal rails, and varying wood colors. Each model will also have its own set of features including the rails, bottom rails, and the top bunk opening. Because of the various options available the cost for these types of beds varies.