Kids Room Storage Ideas – How To Organize Your Childs Bedroom

Are you trying to come up with kids room storage ideas that will solve your problem of lack of room? There is not only the problem of not enough space but also the clutter that can be a real problem in kids rooms. You may not know exactly how much stuff you have in your room. But as long as you do know, it’s time to get organized and clear out all the clutter!

kids room

Start with Decluttering Kids’ Rooms First, get rid of all the excess toys while your kids may kick and scream at the thought of having to throw away all those useless toys. Instead, look for more kid-friendly storage ideas! First off, a great kids room storage solution is to place a kids bookshelf on the bottom floor of their room. This will allow you to free up some valuable floor space. Aside from the bookshelf, you can also use a tall storage cabinet or even a bookshelf, coupled with other colorful storage containers, to make the kids room neat and tidy.

To create the illusion of a bigger space, you may also choose to place a flat screen TV above the bookshelf. To make their bedroom look like their own, kids room organization experts also choose to place toy boxes, colorfully painted buckets, and many more storage furniture that would not only make their bedrooms look like an extension of their homes, but as if they had taken over it completely. You can also look to repaint old bedroom furniture or purchase new ones to give the kids room a fresh and brighter look.

For kids room storage ideas that would be more practical, parents should also look into getting a toy cart, which they can put underneath their beds. This way, there is no need for them to get up every time they have to get toys out of their bedrooms. Toy carts are also great to place in the playroom to provide convenient and safe playing space for kids. By using such toy carts, children can play more freely without worrying about their toys falling out of their closets or going missing.

Another great kids room storage idea is to purchase a set of cubbies. Cubbies come in different styles and designs that will surely make any child happy. If you do not want to spend so much on cubbies, you can opt to just use plain shoe storage containers. You can find simple and inexpensive storage units at your local craft stores or even in second-hand shops.

For a more creative and budget-friendly kids room storage idea, you can also consider getting a few plastic storage bins and brackets and simply stick them on walls in their bedrooms. These storage bins and brackets can be easily removed and replaced whenever necessary. You can also add some colorful and fun decals to accentuate the walls. You can simply paint them in bright colors and use stickers to decorate the wall. You can also paint some funky art or photographs to add some life to the room.