Are Wooden Stairs Less Slippery ?

wooden stairs

With the recent demand for stairs made of wood, many wood stairlifts have been introduced in the market. Stairlifts are designed to offer smooth stair movement to individuals who have limited ability to walk. Due to the increased work piece geometry, stairlifts are now made using heavy machining centers with 5 axis technology, which necessitate a bigger investment. The manufacturers are usually specialized in stair construction. Alternatively, wooden stairs made of sustainable hardwood from selected wood species can also be created by traditional means using manual equipment and conventional machinery without CNC control.

The traditional wooden stairs to carpet landing ideas involve building wooden spiral staircase. The first task is building the wooden stairs to carpet landing planks or individual treads in such a way that the treads are parallel to each other. Then, you would need to join the treads with wooden stairs at each of the tread steps. The next step involves attaching the stair treads to wooden spiral staircase bars.

The traditional wooden stairs to carpet landing ideas has gained popularity across the world in the recent years. This is due to environmental factors and also due to human factor. Many elderly people prefer natural wooden staircase design to the more high-tech and sophisticated metal and plastic materials.

A wooden staircase is an attractive design option and it helps in enhancing home decor. However, if the treads are not properly aligned, then this will cause the wooden staircase to give way. Improperly aligned treads may either sag or bend and may cause accidents. Therefore, proper maintenance and attention must be given to this aspect. In case of sagging or bent treads, you can replace them by using new wooden stairs that have been perforated for maintaining flexibility.

The good news is that wooden stairs are available in a variety of designs that will easily blend with any type of house construction. You can find intricate patterns in different shades of mahogany, oak and teak. If you prefer to use solid wood staircases, you can choose from a variety of mahogany, walnut and rosewood varieties. Solid wood staircases are a bit more expensive than the alternate wooden treads that are made of alternate wood varieties. However, when it comes to quality, solid wood staircases outshine the wooden treads.

Many homeowners are not aware of the fact that the treads and risers in wooden stairs are designed to be extra stable. This is why stairs remain almost free of skidding even if they are walked on with thick feet. Staircases with no risers are usually narrower and have few if any steps. For this reason, wooden stairs less slippery when compared to steeper staircases. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a hassle-free stairway, it is advisable to opt for wooden stairs that are less slippery than their counterparts.