ASUS Zenfone 5, Back to Stock ROM Without Upgrade / Downgrade Firmware

This is a trick if you want to reset your firmware without factory reset. So you can keep your data, but using this method will remove your custom recovery, root and other modification in your ROM


  • Download ASUS Zenfone Stock Firmware that you right now (in this post, i make example using Firmware

Zenfone 5 stock ROM without Upgrade / Downgrade

  1. Extract your firmware until you find
  2. Rename to
  3. Connect your device to PC /Laptop
  4. Copy to ASUS Zenfone 5 internal memory
  5. Remove Zenfone 5 from PC / Laptop
  6. A warning window will appear and said a new update firmware is available, select and OK
  7. Wait until update process is finish and reboot your device
  8. Done

note: the trick is only rename the firmware, so system tought that a new update is available.
Do With Your Own Risk