Bathroom Vanity Lighting Fixtures That Are Elegant Design Solutions

Bathroom vanity lights are essential if you want to make your bathroom look great. It may seem like a small thing but lighting your bath is a huge help in improving the way that you feel after a long, hard day at work. There are tons of options for lights in the market today. Finding the best bathroom vanity lights ideas is not always easy. This is why we have come up with this guide for you:

Choosing the best bathroom vanity lights is all about knowing the purpose of your vanity mirror. If you plan on putting a desk lamp in it then you should go for a light with a high wattage bulb and a long life. These lamps can be purchased from any store selling home lighting fixtures or from online stores. If you plan on using the vanity mirror as a shower fixture, then you can find lights with a greater brightness rating. These lights typically have higher wattage bulbs and longer lives than their lower wattage counterparts. If you plan on using the bathroom vanity lights for both applications you should invest in some more expensive lights.

Another tip for finding the best bathroom vanity lights is to know how many bulbs you will need. A small, single light bulb will do for a large mirror. However, if you plan on using the mirror as a make up mirror then you will need two or three lights with higher wattage bulbs. For the best results you should install the lights at least 6 inches from the edge of the mirror. This will ensure that the light does not glare onto the wall behind the mirror causing discomfort for you. If you need to place a ceiling fixture along the edge of the room, then use light or ceiling fixtures that are rated for this application.

When selecting an appropriate style for your bathroom vanity light, you will also want to consider the finish of the fixture. If you elect to buy a basic white fixture, then the finish you select will be determined by the decor of the room. If the decor in the room is black and white then the finish you choose should be something in the same shade as the wall. If the room is redecorated, then the finish of the vanity light will be determined by the color of the walls or paint in the room. You should select a finish that will blend nicely with the decor of the room so that the vanity light is not distracting.

The size of the fixture is going to be determined by the type of bulb that you are looking for. For general purposes you can use incandescent bulbs in most fixtures. Bulbs come in several shapes and sizes including round, square, rectangular, and rectangular. There are also compact fluorescent bulbs available but they do not cast a very warm glow. If you are seeking the warm tone of halogen lights then the bathroom vanity lighting fixtures that include halogen bulbs should be your choice.

The way that the fixture is mounted on the wall will determine its finish and you will also want to pay close attention to the location in the room where the bathroom mirror will be placed. For general purposes, you should mount the light fixture at the end of the wall that runs from the floor to the ceiling. If the mirror is to be located in the corner, then the light fixture should be mounted in the center of the wall between the mirror and the corner. You will want to avoid placing the lights in the corner as the reflection from the bathroom mirror may reflect the light back onto you. If you follow the guidelines provided here, you will have no problem finding an elegant design fixture that will fit right into your bathroom.