Black Wallpaper Decorating Ideas

Black walls are classic, sleek, bold, and ever so elegant, which is why adding the black hue to your decor is just fine feng shui-wise. In fact, black walls are such a goof-proof method for making any room in a house unisex no matter how small it is, that they are practically a must. Black walls can work in any home–in fact, they are so easy to integrate into many different styles that they are even suitable for use in businesses, retail stores, and offices. Because of the sassy, yet classy look black walls can give any space, black wall living room ideas are the way to go if you want to add some serious style to an otherwise average looking area.

black wall

The black wall-covering is so versatile because it goes with just about any other interior design scheme. For a kid’s room, paint it with cool blue tones or perhaps add some cartoon-styled wall stickers. For a nursery, paint the walls pink or add some baby animals to make the space a fun place for babies. A kitchen can go traditional or modern with black wallpaper, or it could even be painted black with white accents, giving the room a clean and modern look. A bathroom can have black wall paper, or add a black shower curtain to give the room a blacked-out feel.

Another great thing about black painted walls is that they’re really easy to clean. If you don’t want to wash wallpapered walls so much, simply pick some up off the floor and scrub it down with a stiff bristled brush. If you do wash your walls, be sure to use only mild detergents and don’t scrub them too hard because this can make things discolored.

Another great thing about black wall decor is that it creates a sleekness to a room that is very modern. Adding black rugs to a room gives it an added touch of elegance that will stand out from other rooms in your home. Even a simple black rug with a deep geometric design can create an impressionist or minimalist vibe to a room that is otherwise fairly modern.

You can also buy black wallpaper that is lined with area rugs for when you want to create a more eclectic look in a room. Area rugs are especially useful in a room with very straight lines or sharp corners. When you paint a black wall, it makes it easier to create this type of effect because black is such a soft color. Be careful not to overdo the lined area rug though because if you do, it can create a sense of confinement and can even make a room seem smaller.

Finally, black wall stickers can be a great idea for your black wall. Wall stickers are fairly inexpensive and come in a variety of styles. You can get them with a cute picture of a black dog or kitten or a black wall clock with a face or pictures of black dogs. These decals also go great in kids’ bedrooms. You can find them in fun shapes like sharks and turtles, princesses, sports teams, or just about anything else you can think of. sticker decals are a cheap way to create a funky look in a room and they will help make a room look more interesting than it does with just drywall.