Great Wall Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

wall decor

So you want to redo your walls? Grab some beautiful inexpensive frames at your local craft store and a bunch of beautiful fabric in a variety of colors to make your own DIY wall decor. This is simple, quick, affordable and oh so wonderful.

The first thing you will need to do is to hang some mirrors in key areas throughout your room. Use mirrors in key locations to add depth and light. Try hanging mirrors from the ceiling in rooms with high ceilings. Or, try hanging a mirror on the wall opposite a door and in the corner of the room that has a lot of windows.

If you prefer to create a more artistic and natural looking wall decor, paint a beautiful sky or sea scene on an empty wall. You can purchase sky stickers for very little money and they are so easy to use. I love to hang these on empty walls because they never get old and your child or guests will never notice them. They also make a beautiful mess!

You can also find beautiful handmade sconces to use on your walls. Many of us find it hard to find the right wall decor or accessories to compliment our home. A gallery wall sconce is a perfect accessory to complement any room. In addition, they are not expensive and will add a nice touch to any room.

To add some finishing touches to your walls, you could go with some beautiful wallpaper borders. You can pick up wallpaper borders at any department store or home supply store. Or, if you really want to save money, you can buy an empty picture frame and simply use the backing as the wall decor. I have done this many times and it looks beautiful! Just be sure the frame is big enough to cover the full wall and leave plenty of space for you to place other decorative items around the frame.

You can also use empty gallery wall art frames as beautiful display shelves. I simply take one frame, paint it in a nice color and then add small shelves and lights to it. This is the perfect way to dress up a small space or to use them to hide a few clutter items. You can also purchase small bookcases with glass front doors or wooden shelves. Either way, these are some of the most affordable decorating ideas for small spaces.