Small Front Yard Landscapes: How to Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly

small front yard

It may be a rare thing for some of you to have a small front yard landscaped with huge trees in the middle and little potted plants dotting the yard. This, however, is not a normal trend among homeowners. In fact, most of them would prefer their front yards to be small and landscaped accordingly.

Before you go forward in planning your small front yard planting, you must first think of what would be the main focal point. Is it the house or is it the flower beds that you intend to highlight? This is important as it will help you decide whether you will need to put flowering plants at the back or in the front. Also, as another alternative, you could construct an arbor to frame your main entrance.

If you plan to showcase your flowerbeds, it would be best if you put bigger flowering plants on the side so that they don’t dwarf the smaller ones. Also, enhance your garden with some taller Hydrangeas surrounding your arbor. A tall hedge around your flowerbeds will make them stand out and provide your flowers with extra support. In case you are interested in taller flowering plants, then it is recommended to put pansies, honeysuckle, daffodils, tulips, marigolds, and hydrangeas among others.

If you are planning to have a fountains at the entrance, make sure that the water drains properly. Furthermore, make sure that the fountain is placed in the right location so that it can be seen from inside your home. Potted plants also make great alternatives for fountains. You can place these pots at the entrance and fill it with soil so that your visitors would not be able to see the source of the water.

Since trees are the most significant element of your landscape, it is important to highlight it through proper landscaping. First, think about the trees’ type so that you will know what landscaping idea to use. If you wish to have flowering trees, then you can put some potted palms in the middle of your pathway. Or, you can consider placing climbing rose bushes at one side of your property and potted Boston ferns on another part of your property.

When it comes to shrubs and flowering trees, there are many types to choose from. For example, if you wish to highlight your front door with a flower bed, it is best to use taller plants that can easily reach the ground. Small shrubs and trees will only take up a minimal amount of space. Additionally, consider planting vegetables near your shrubs and trees. A vegetable garden near the entrance will definitely add nutrient-rich soil that will help your plants grow more easily.

To provide an instant flower bed, you may consider planting potlatch beds. Also called pocket beds, these are container gardening beds that can also hold flowers around it. As you plan your backyard landscaping, it is best to have planter beds planted at regular intervals. This will ensure that your plants get sufficient amount of sunlight and water.

Lastly, you should also consider using solar lamps in order to make your home more friendly towards the environment. Since solar lamps can be used to provide artificial lighting, it can make your property appear more stylish as well as beautiful. There are many styles and designs that you can choose from. However, it is very important to make sure that the lamp that you will be using has LED bulbs so that it can consume energy very efficiently. With all these beautiful ideas, you are sure to make your home look more appealing.