Update! Root Asus Zenfone 5 , v

CyanogenMod for Asus Zenfone !!!

You need for this rooting method
1. Root z5
2. Intel driver
3. USB Cable
4. Windows pc
I am using windows 7 for this work.

Root Kitkat Zenfone 5 versi  WW

Download link : ABOVE THIS POST
1. Xtract File RootZenFone5Versi-WW
2. Open folder file RootZenFone5Versi-WW on your pc and click files>hold shift + right>choose open command window.
3. Open file RootZenFone5Versi-WW, click Root-ZenFone.bat

4. Enter …wait to finish process 

Last reboot will appear, check your phones app drawer, if you can see SuperSU, congrats! you are now rooted.

UPDATE Version WW_3.23.40.60 (Android L)