[ZenFone[ZenFone 5] TW_2.23.40.52 (Android 5)

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ASUS ZenFone 5 (T00F / T00J) Software Version: V3.23.40.52 TW versions only use *

Note 1: Please make sure device has been updated to software version first and then carry out this edition V3.23.40.52 V2.22.40.53 Software Update
Note 2: If you do not receive firmware updates can be downloaded from the official website V2.22.40.53 archive
Note 3: downloaded from the official website of the firmware can be directly V2.22.40.53 file into the root directory of the phone, without having to decompress
Note 4: From the official website to download the firmware V3.23.50.52 please unzip the file, and then extract the files into the root directory of the mobile phone

* OS upgrade to Android L
* Please note! This version of Android 5.0 Lollipop part because they do not support ASUS preloaded software, the preloaded software will be removed after the Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade is complete. This update and the installation will take some time.
1. Battery Gadgets
2. PhotoFrame Gadgets
3. Remove Google Text-To-Speech
The movie studio
5. Cloud Print
6. CMClient
7. Magic Smoke Wallpapers

* Please note that this upgrade version, and contains a number of changes and new features app, related to the following items.
1. SuperNote: Quick installation changed
2. AsusWebstorage read Quick Installation
3. Remote Link Quick installation changed
4. Lock the screen to remove the set and remove the wallpaper feature weather information (This change applies only to 1GB RAM machine)
5. Quick Start projects and recently used program interface design updates (This change applies only to 1GB RAM machine)
6. Remove favorite contacts and blocked two Tab; remove the group photo and the name of the preview; removing Dial prospects services (This change applies only to 1GB RAM machine)
7. Answering phone calls to remove the page animation and call background (This change applies only to 1GB RAM machine)
8. Fixed archivist change folder name caused some problems file is missing
9. increase KKBOX (Quick Installation) (TW only)
10. Dr. eye increased promotion Edition (Quick Installation) (TW only)
11. The increase Zinio (Quick Installation)
12. Increase Steeped eBook (Quick Installation) (TW only)
13. The increase in portable e book (Quick Installation) (TW only)
14. The increase ASUS Game Center (Quick Installation) (TW only)
Featured Games: fever acclaimed professional team selection games
Upcoming Events: The most immediate of games and goodies
Members integration: You can login ASUS Member Account, and support to Facebook or Google+ account login
VIP service: 24-hour customer service without interruption
Stored Value History: browse and download games from the ASUS Game Center later record

* Please note that this upgrade version will cause contact gadget has the following problems
1. Before the upgrade, add contacts 4 * 1 gadget to your desktop, after the upgrade, contact the gadget has been shown as Loading
solution: the old contacts gadgets to remove and re-pull a new contact gadget to your desktop
2. After the upgrade, the 4 * 3 contacts gadget contact person will disappear
Solution: rejoining contact to contact gadget

* No longer support NTFS format SD card, be sure to upgrade the following steps to Android L Bizen points your information:
1. Use a USB cable with the computer link your ZenFone
2. Go ZenFone storage space on your computer
All files 3. Select ZenFone storage space and copy paste to a computer backup

For more information, please contact the following link:
TW: http: //www.asus.com/zentalk/tw/ReleaseNotes
WW: http: //www.asus.com/zentalk/ReleaseNotes
CN: http: //zentalk.asus.com.cn/ReleaseNotes

Update procedure:
1. Check the device uses version **
2. Download device software and update procedures manual (from “manual” column)
3. only in the same version of the update, such as: WW-> WW, CN-> CN, TW-> TW.
The software update can not be converted to other versions of the fall edition.
5. The wrong version will cause the update fails, use the same version of the update
* How do I know the model device?
Path: Settings -> About -> Model
** How do I know the software version of the device?
Path: Settings -> About -> Software Information -> Version number
*** Upgrade may result in some data loss, it is recommended to properly back up important data before upgrading.

Asus Zenfone 2 Stock Wallpapers

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Asus Zenfone Android L (Lollipop) All Versions

Asus Zenfone Android L (Lollipop) All Versions    Version  TW_3.23.40.52 (Android L) File Size 709,96 (MBytes) 2015.05.28 Download from Global (DLM) Global P2P Version ...
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